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Iron Man 3 gets a new trailer

iron_man_3_poster_leadA new trailer for Iron Man 3 has been released, and it’s looking very promising. We are treated to more footage of Ben Kingsley’s the Mandarin and exceptional set pieces that are much if it is to erase the ghost of Iron Man 2 and match the deserved adoration of Avengers Assemble. We also Continue reading

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Now that we have your attention – when’s a trailer not a trailer?

It’s often said that the best bit of a film is shown in the trailers. Comedies are the worst offenders as they more often or not tend to show all the best jokes. Bearing in mind that you’re likely to see this trailer about 80 milllion times before the film comes out (Bridesmaids I’m looking at you) this can ruin the film. Then again  in the case of Bridesmaids maybe some funny bits in the trailer wouldn’t have gone amiss.

What’s even worse though is watching a film to see all the best bits were not only in the trailer but omitted from the film itself. For those of us that grew up with Predator, news that a long awaited follow up was in development had us spitting tobacco in excitement. The imaginatively titled Predators told us everything we needed to know. There would be more than one of the bastards this time around and the trailer didn’t disappoint as the climax teased us into ejaculation by showing loads of red dots with their sights on Adrian Brody. If you were like me, you looked forward to this scene wondering “how in the holy fuck was he going to get out of that?” Luckily for Adrian Brody Continue reading

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