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News: Highlander remake developments

highlander 4Updates have come in regarding the long running saga that is  the remake of the Christopher Lambert fromage fest, Highlander. Initially with Ryan Reynolds signed up to play Conner MacLeod and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 weeks later) on board, the project looked to be coming out of development hell and moving into a possible filming schedule. In December it was announced that Fresnadillo was no longer involved due to differences between himself and the studio over the creative vision of the project. The official line is that the film is still a priority and will be made under the supervision of another, as yet, un-named, director. In a piece of positive news Justin Lin is once again attached to the project. Initially touted as director prior to the appointment of Fresnadillo, Lin of Fast Five fame, is now on board in the capacity as an executive producer. With a track record of reviving a failing franchise Lin seems like a welcome addition to the team. Whether this proves to be the boost the project needs to move forward is debatable. A script has been getting developed during Fresnadillo’s tenure but no details have yet been released. Rumours of Ryan Reynolds using Mrs Doubtfire as a voice coach for that tricky Scottish accent are unconfirmed at this time.

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Highlander (1986)

Dress down Fridays were all the rage in the Glens

Time has a way of changing the perspective for films. What may look staid and rather dull at the time of release can actually benefit a film if and when it is re-assessed. Of course the opposite can happen as well. Something that looks very modern can date very quickly and seem totally out of place in a relatively short space of time. A few nights ago I happened to catch Highlander on late night television. At the time of release I enjoyed this film greatly. Sword fighting, fantasy elements and a multi-national cast were perfect for me at the time. Having only seen the film once since its initial release I was keen to find out if it still had the same appeal. Continue reading

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