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James McAvoy to star in “The Crow” reboot?

UnknownDespite near universal opposition to it’s mere suggestion, The Crow reboot evades death like the film’s lead character. Fanboys flocked to the web in disgust when Mark Wahlberg was tipped to don the black and white face paint only for them to go apoplectic when Bradley Cooper was rumoured to star (an idea of how that would have looked can be found here). The film has had no shortage of big names attached with Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum both mentioned in the past and now Bloody Disgusting has thrown James McAvoy’s name into the hat. It’s worth noting that the site first broke the news that Mark Wahlberg was linked to the project, and despite much skepticism and sneering aimed their way, the actor himself confirmed it. McAvoy is a great actor, and has proved his worth in comic book movies however the idea of casting anyone in the role made famous by the Brandon Lee is sacrilege to most.

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