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Thomas’s top 10 of 2012

This list proved harder to cut down than I initially thought. Nonetheless, here’s my top films of 2012. Likely subject to change once discussed with exception of the top three.


The Muppets


Within five minutes of this film starting I instantly regretted my decision to come see it. My nostalgic memories were being kicked from me as I realised that not only the Muppets themselves had aged badly,

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Jase’s Top Picks of 2012

Time for a bit of a retrospective for 2012 so here is my personal choices for best films of 2012…  I didn’t get to see everything I wanted so if I redid this list in 12 months time after I catch up on some DVDs it would probably change, but for what it is worth here’s my top 10! Continue reading

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Looper (2012)

looper 1Time travel films require a certain amount of faith on the part of the viewer. If you are willing to accept the premises presented then all is well. In some films thinking a bit too much about the science behind the time travel elements of the plot lead to questions and problems appearing. When this occurs it is easy to be taken out of the film in terms of the enjoyment. Looper deals with these issues quite effectively within the film. On two separate occasions characters dismiss all talk of time travel theory because it really screws with your head. Basically the film is saying that there are questions but let’s not dwell on them here. This is a movie for you to enjoy. A nice touch in sidestepping the plot holes from the talented writer / director Rian Johnston. Continue reading

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