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Iron Man 3 gets a new trailer

iron_man_3_poster_leadA new trailer for Iron Man 3 has been released, and it’s looking very promising. We are treated to more footage of Ben Kingsley’s the Mandarin and exceptional set pieces that are much if it is to erase the ghost of Iron Man 2 and match the deserved adoration of Avengers Assemble. We also Continue reading

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Hugo (2011)

There cannot be many people more in love with cinema that Martin Scorsese. During his extensive career has used his personal point of view and his passion for film history to create some of the best, entertaining and original movies in living memory. Frequent changes in subject, settings and style has had Mr Scorsese feted as one greatest directors in Hollywood history. When it was announced that his latest project was to be an adaptation of a children’s book and would be filmed in 3D, eyebrows were raised within the film community. How could a successful transition be made from the award winning crime drama, The Departed, to Hugo. Would it be another triumph or a serious mis-step for the great director?

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