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Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Revisited

When you mention you’re a Star Wars fan to anyone outside your normal social circle, you tend to get one of two reactions. One is the “Eurgh, what did I just step on?” look as they inconspicuously try to get as far away from you as possible, and the other is the knowing smile and the awkward attempt at conversation, usually on the subject of “Is there any other bounty hunter cooler than Boba Fett?” (The answer to that of course, is yes!)

Star Wars Celebration III

Who says it’s not cool to be a Star Wars fan?

Mention to the latter however, that you’re a fan of the prequels and you’ll normally get the exact same reaction as the former gave you the first time. My point is, it’s never cool to admit to being a Star Wars fan, and even less cool amongst other Star Wars fans to admit you like the prequels. Well I’ll freely admit to not being cool just as I’ll freely admit to being a fan of George Lucas’ most recent offerings and here’s why:

Episode One is where it all began, telling the tale of young Anakin Skywalker long before the Clone Wars, his tragic downfall and rebirth as evil alter ego Darth Vader, and the eventual rise of the Empire. What’s not to like here? First off, the special effects, the backdrops and the set design are all second to none. No matter what you think of this movie you cannot say it’s not a beautiful film to look at, from the virtual paradise of Naboo to the swarming metropolis of Coruscant and the rolling arid landscape of Tatooine, it’s a feast for the eyes and the imagination alike.

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Django Unchained (2012)

Django UnchainedDjango Unchained is Quentin Tarantino’s 7th outing as Writer / Director and takes us back to his love of the Spaghetti Western. It tells the story of the black slave Django’s escape from bondage in a pre-civil war america at the hands of the bounty hunter Dr Schultz. The two of them set off on a lawful rampage of bounty collection before venturing into the heartlands of Mississippi to find and liberate Django’s wife from the Candieland estate.

Down the years I have seen all of Tarantino’s films and this follows a very similar vein to the ones before it. Whilst I am not his biggest fan I have always enjoyed them (ignoring Kill Bill pt2 – snore) but never really felt the need to add any of them to my DVD/Bluray collection. In fact I think I preferred his early work to what has followed and nothing since Jacky Brown has warranted a second watch!

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News: Eva Green is A Dame to Kill For

evaIt’s been 8 years since Frank Miller’s iconic graphic novel series Sin City was unleashed on the big screen. For a while there it didn’t look like it would ever see the light of day, however it’s happening. You better believe it’s happening and now co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Miller himself have announced the title character for the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

The role of Ava Lord was originally written with Angelina Jolie in mind however it is Eva Green that the duo have picked. The character has ben described by Miller as “every man’s most glorious dreams come true, she’s also every man’s darkest nightmares.”

Rodriguez and Miller said, “We’ve been wanting to tell this story for a very long time. Ava Lord is one of the most deadly and fascinating residents of Sin City. From the start, we knew that the actor would need to be able to embody the multifaceted characteristics of this femme fatale and we found that in Eva Green. We are ecstatic that Eva is joining us.”

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JJ Abrams to Helm Star Wars 7!

George Lucas speaks to JJ Abrams

Image © Joi Ito

I don’t know what to say! I’m stunned! If he does anywhere near as good a job as he has been doing for Star Trek we could be in for a treat! Just Fanboy Wow! I got the news from The Wrap.

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News: Jenny Olsen to feature in Man of Steel as new villain is unveiled

jenny-olsenUpcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel has had no shortage of rumours surrounding it, not least the speculation that it may feature a cameo from a certain caped crusader. What has been recently confirmed however is that the character of Jimmy Olsen will not feature, at least not as we know him.  According to IMDB, Rebecca Buller will be playing the part of Jenny Olsen. This doesn’t mean the movie database is correct however the trailer does show Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) fleeing chaos with Buller in tow (pictured).

Like with any change a movie makes from it source material, it’s met with the utmost scrutiny and no doubt Zack Snyder’s casting decisions will be no different. Let’s just hope rumours that Clark Kent will be without his trademark instant disguise remain just that.

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Preview: Welcome to the Punch (2013)

Welcome-to-the-punchIn 2010 Eran Creevy’s unproduced screenplay Welcome to the Punch shared third place in that year’s Brit list (where the British and Irish community of producers, development execs and agents vote for their most liked and recommended unproduced scripts).

Having gone into production in 2011, the British thriller is set for release on 15 March this year. James McAvoy stars as detective Max Lewinsky who finds himself having one last chance at former criminal Jacob Sternwood (Mark Strong) when he is forced to come out of hiding. However not all is as it seems and the two enemies find themselves unlikely allies in order to survive.

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Batman, Superman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Johnathan-gordon-levitt-as-john-blakeIf you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet, chances are you’ve heard what happens at its conclusion. If you haven’t and don’t want to know, you’re probably best not reading any further and staying off the internet until you rectify it.

Despite Christopher Nolan’s insistence that “We’re finished with all we’re doing with Batman” it hasn’t stopped the rumours flying about that Joseph Gordon Levitt is taking over the mantle of the Bat. Speculation is rife that the star will be wearing the cowl in the upcoming Justice League film and as a prelude to that, a cameo in Superman: Man of Steel. The man himself Continue reading

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Michael Winner dies

michael winnerIt was announced today that the British film director Michael Winner has dies at the age of seventy-seven. He had been in poor health for some time. He started out directing in the early sixties, producing a number well received British dramas staring Oliver Reed among others. Hollywood came calling in the early Seventies and Winner gained a reputation for producing violent Dramas. He had a run of three films in 1972 and 1973 that cemented his reputation as a top director. Chato’s Land, The Mechanic and Scorpio are examples of Seventies thrillers at their very best. Winner then went on to produce his best known work in the form of the Death Wish films. Winner and Charles Bronson produced three highly successful, and at the time, highly controversial action dramas.  After this high he was unable to sustain his career at this high. His last good film in my opinion was a  remake of The Big Sleep starring Robert Mitchum.

In later years Michael Winner reinvented himself as an Restaurant critic, Newspaper columnist and star of TV adverts.

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What to look forward to in 2013: Part 2

Django Unchained 

djangoBe honest with yourself, Tarantino hasn’t made a great film in 10 years. Inglourious Basterds was average, Death Proof took itself too seriously and Kill Bill Volume 2 would have worked better if not compared to its thrill packed predecessor. Django Unchained at least shows that the auteur has no plans of mellowing with age. Set during the American civil war about a freed slave, the film has already received much criticism for its racial epithets (which Tarantino has often been criticised for in his work). Boasting a stellar cast including Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz and of course Samuel L Jackson, personally I’m hoping for a return to form for Tarantino. Though there are those that’d argue there was never a dip.


Pacific Rim 

images-3When mankind finds itself under threat from giant monsters that have appeared through a dimensional portal in the ocean, there’s only thing for it. Build giant robots to kick the living shit out of the threat. I don’t think much more needs to be said for Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming sci-fi effort.

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What to Look Forward to in 2013: Part 1

GI Joe:  Retaliation

gi joeIt’s very unlikely that this will feature in my top ten come the end of the year, however I can’t deny having some love for it’s predecessor. It was cheesy, over the top and had the worst Scottish accent since Robert Duvall in A Shot at Glory, but it was fun and a had a strong cast. The sequel was supposed to see the light of day last year, however a decision to post-convert into 3D (yay he screamed sarcastically) and re-shoot a lot of the film to include more Channing Tatum, pushed the release date back almost a year. This won’t be The Godfather Part II, however at best it might just match The Expendables Part II.

The Lone Ranger

lone rangerJohnny Depp stars in a film with Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton isn’t directing? If this film was released last year I’d wager it was a tell tale sign of the Mayan apocalypse. Instead it’s Gore Verbinski that has taken the taking of converting the classic TV series for a modern audience. Armie Hammer takes the lead as the Lone Ranger himself; however it’s Depp’s Tonto that caught most people’s attention. Stylistically it’s looking great, with a supernatural theme running through it, the film proves to be interesting at least.

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