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My Essential Christmas Films

Seeing as how it’s Christmas and all, I thought I’d share with you my favourite Christmas films.

Santa Clause: The Movie santaclausbdcap3_original

A film that didn’t do too well at the box office, it went on to become a cult film of sorts. Investigating the origin story of Santa Clause, the movie (albeit thinly) answers all the questions as to why the great man came to be. The special effects are terrible and the script forgettable so why’s it on the list?  Well it’s fun and very warm. Plus John Lithgow’s pantomime portrayal of Santa’s corporate rival is so over the top you can’t help but love to hate him.

kinopoisk.ruHome Alone 

Rumour has it that a top studio exec was fired for passing on the chance to produce Home Alone. Considering it made $17 million in its opening weekend it doesn’t fall into the realms of improbable. When the McCallisters go on holidays for Christmas they leave behind their 8 year old son Kevin (Macauley Culkin). At first it’s all fun and games however he starts to miss his family and finds himself the unlikely Continue reading

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les miserables 2This will not be a fair and honest review, nor ever could it have been coming from me…  So I will start by saying if you want to read a spoiler free review for Tom Hooper’s adaptation of Les Miserables them go somewhere else and come back here after you have seen it.

Let me be completely open…  I have loved Les Miserables the musical ever since I got the Two Cassette version of the London Cast recording sometime back in the mid 80s.  I have seen it on stage in Edinburgh, London (2 different theatres) and Shellharbour, I watched the DVD of the original Albert Hall concert and the more recent celebration concert and have loved it each and every time.  In fact I am a ‘Les Mis’ junkie, hence why this was never going to be a fair review! Continue reading

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