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Thomas’s top 10 of 2012

This list proved harder to cut down than I initially thought. Nonetheless, here’s my top films of 2012. Likely subject to change once discussed with exception of the top three.


The Muppets


Within five minutes of this film starting I instantly regretted my decision to come see it. My nostalgic memories were being kicked from me as I realised that not only the Muppets themselves had aged badly,

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The Raid (2012)

In today’s overcrowded movie market a new film has to have a unique hook to get the journalists writing about it. On average there are twelve new films released in cinemas every week. Without a star to lend his or her name to get the buzz going for a film, a project must use whatever is available to give it a helping hand and get the word out to the public. The Raid has its own built-in publicity hook ready assembled. An indigenous  martial arts (known as Silat) film made in Indonesia with a new young star,written and  directed by a Welshman. You don’t get many of those types of films that’s for sure. Continue reading

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Chocolate (2008)

With so many martial arts films released these days it takes something special to stand out from the crowd. The most popular films all have something in common. All have interesting stories. The basis for most interesting films I think you would agree. All good martial arts movies have the most extraordinary fight sequences. Usually inventive, always fast and laced with humour. Lastly the film usually has an interesting and unique lead character.

As part of the recent martial arts season on Film4 in the UK I managed to catch the film Chocolate (also known as Zen – The warrior within). Billed as a sweet, brutal and bloody treat from Prachya Pinkaew, the director of Ong-Bak it had a high expectation to live up to. Often when built up in that way a film can fall short. Chocolate, I am happy to say, lives up to its billing in every way.

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