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Sleeper (1973)

sleeper 1

By 1973 Woody Allen was a firm favourite with Cinema going audiences. Although not yet feted as a master by the critical community his films were highly successful at the box office. That’s not to say that he was simply pandering to the masses for financial gain. In retrospect you can see him developing his film making style over the course of these early comedies. Each new film showed that Allen was spending a great deal of time honing his craft. His Direction, writing skills and acting all improved over a hand full of very well received movies giving him the confidence to try new things and more importantly produce an interesting end product. When Sleeper was released it was seen as a new high in Allen’s career. Continue reading

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Every thing you always wanted to know about sex *but were afraid to ask (1972)

It is always of interest to review the choices that artists make. It is always easier in hindsight to work out what the filmmaker was trying to achieve. It is a sign of a true talent that they do not try to cover the same ground time and again. An artist who is trying to improve his or her art through experimentation and taking risks with their material is to be applauded. This is not always the case.  Some reap the rewards of their efforts. Others are misunderstood by the masses only to be rediscovered some time later, if at all.   Looking back on Woody Allen’s career it can be said that by taking risks early on in he was able to hone his later style which would gain significant critical praise and commercial success sustaining his career to the present day. Off the back of the relatively successful Bananas in 1971 Woody followed up with Every thing you always wanted to know about sex *But were afraid to ask.  Continue reading

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Bananas (1971)

In the first film of Moviescramble’s box set articles on the Woody Allen collection we take a look at the 1971 Comedy Bananas. At this point in his career Woody had already been a star for some years. Starting as a writer for the likes of Sid Caesar and Ed Sullivan. In the 1960’s he moved into a successful stand up career and developed his writing talents as a successful playwright. The move into films occurred during the mid sixties and by the time he was in the directors chair for Bananas Woody had complete artistic control over his projects. Bananas marks only the second time that Woody directed his own script. For many this film marked the start of the directors golden period in the 1970’s. Over the coming weeks we will cover ,in chronological order, all of the 1970’s and 1980’s films in his directing career. Continue reading

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Woody Allen Boxset

In the first of our Boxset reviews we intend watching the  recently purchased Woody Allen  Collection. Considered the most consistent film maker working today, Woody Allen has had his highs and lows in terms of popularity but his output of roughly one film a year is an achievement few can match. Currently Allen is on the up again with the recent success of Vicki Cristina Barcelona and Midnight in Paris. In fact the latter film has proven to be his most financially successful film of his career. I was so impressed that it made my top ten of last year.

The collection consists of twenty films written and directed by Woody between 1971 and 1990. The set traces his output from the comedy, Bananas through to the fantasy romance, Alice. Missing from the set are Play it Again Sam which was not directed by Allen and New York Stories which was a short film within a three New York directors anthology.

It is intended that each film receives its own review and will be posted on the site in order of release. It may take some time to complete this!

If you have any suggestions for future box set articles please let us know by leaving a message here or on the moviescramble facebook page.

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