Michael Winner dies

michael winnerIt was announced today that the British film director Michael Winner has dies at the age of seventy-seven. He had been in poor health for some time. He started out directing in the early sixties, producing a number well received British dramas staring Oliver Reed among others. Hollywood came calling in the early Seventies and Winner gained a reputation for producing violent Dramas. He had a run of three films in 1972 and 1973 that cemented his reputation as a top director. Chato’s Land, The Mechanic and Scorpio are examples of Seventies thrillers at their very best. Winner then went on to produce his best known work in the form of the Death Wish films. Winner and Charles Bronson produced three highly successful, and at the time, highly controversial action dramas.  After this high he was unable to sustain his career at this high. His last good film in my opinion was a  remake of The Big Sleep starring Robert Mitchum.

In later years Michael Winner reinvented himself as an Restaurant critic, Newspaper columnist and star of TV adverts.

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One thought on “Michael Winner dies

  1. Awesome write-up of a very hard-working director indeed. I’m a fan of at least a couple of the Deathwish films. Also welcome to the LAMB its awesome having you onboard!

    Make sure to submit your list to our Lion 4 LAMBs event that is currently running! http://www.largeassmovieblogs.com/2013/01/the-6th-annual-lions-for-lambs.html

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